Philosophy 4914
Philosophy of Language
9:30-10:20 M W F 214 Coates
Exam 3 Test Help
Things to be able to define and/or explain:
semantic value (of name, predicate, sentential connective) [1.3]
Fregean sense (you must be explain the main properties of sense given in the relevant theses: that sense determines semantic value (given the way the world is) (8, with my parenthetical proviso!), that which is grasped in linguistic understanding (9, 10, 18), compositionality (11), transparency (12), that a sentence can have sense even if it lacks a semantic value (13), that, in a belief context, the (indirect) reference of a proper name is its customary sense (15), that the sense of a sentence is equivalent to a truth condition (that which determines whether a sentence is true or false, given the way the world is) (17), objectivity (19), normativity (20)) [1.4-2.3]
extensional [class]
intensional [class]
force [2.7]
tone [2.7]
wide scope [2.9]
narrow scope [2.9]
attributive use (and how this works in Donellan's theory) [2.12]
referential use (and how this works in Donellan's theory) [2.12]
a priori [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
a posteriori [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
analytic [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
synthetic [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
Weak Verifiability analytic [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
Strong Verifiability [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
Verifiability in Practice [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
In Principle Verifiability [Ayer Chapter 1 handout]
rationalist [in class]
empiricist [Ayer Chapter 4 handout]
Correspondence theory of truth [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Coherence theory of truth [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Pragmatist theory of truth [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Redundancy Thesis [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Quine-Duhem hypothesis [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Familiarity of Principle [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Scope [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Fecundity [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Level of Confirmation [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Simplicity [Ayer Chapter 5 handout]
Quine's Socratic Assumption [4.3]
Epistemological holism [4.4]
Radical translation [4.7]
Stimulus meaning [4.7]
Epistemological skepticism [4.7]
Constitutive skepticism [4.7]
Occurrent mental state [5.1]
Disposition [5.1]
Quaddition  [5.1]
Straight solution [5.2
Skeptical solution [5.2]
Zalabardo's critique of the skeptical solution  [5.5]
Cognitivism [5.6]
Motivational Internalism [5.6]
The Humean Theory of Motivation [5.6]
Fodor's Asymmetric Dependency Account of Meaning [6.4]
Wright's "Master Thesis" [6.7]

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